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Load cells

Precisely measuring and keeping constant the tensione of a moving web is essential in order to obtain constant product quality and to maximise productivity.

During any processing phase of a web, some errors regarding the web tension may occur, causing continuous interruptions during the process, wastes and continuous need for maintenance.

Re load cells, in a precise tension control system that includes tension controls and brakes, have been designed and manufactured to carry out these delicate tasks; our load cells are all functioning with “strain gauge” technology which is the key to their success.

Closed loop tension control

1. the sensor (load cell or dancing roller) constantly and precisely detects the web tension and give an input to the tension controller.

2. the tension controller compares the web tension value with the predetermined reference “setpoint” and give the input to the brake or motor to adjust the web tension.

3. the brake, changing the torque, or the motor, changing rpm, modify the web tension according to the desired value.
To meet the demands of the customer, we offer a wide range of load cells to install on any kind off application:

- flange load cells, CF series
- shaft through load cells, CK series
- base load cells, CB series
- load cells with cantilever, compression and traction rollers.

Our load cells are available with load range from 50N to 30000N.

Available in CF Series, CK Series, CB Series, Amplifiers and CP.35.