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Expanding shafts and safety chucks

In the converting industry, on the machine unwinders and rewinders and in any application where it is necessary to perform an unwind or rewind of the reel, you need to install expanding shafts and safety chucks that enable an accurate centering and adherence to the core of the reel, allowing a precise management of the tension of the material.

To meet all the needs and requirements of the customer and to ensure reliability and ease of use, we have designed and manufactured a wide range of expanding shafts, keyed and lug shafts, all made ​​of aluminum or steel for core reels from 1" to 6" and other dimensions on request.

To complete this family we can offer a wide range of safety chucks necessary to facilitate loading and unloading operations of the expanding shafts during winding and unwinding phases.
We can provide a wide range of tilting or sliding safety chucks for high speeds, available with an axial movement and interchangeable inserts.