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Din Rail Mounted Filter

The DRF range of din rail mounted filters can be used for all AC and DC applications up to line voltage and frequency, and also include voltage spike protection across the line. Suitable for top hat and G-type rails.

The filtering performance has been optimised to provide effective filtering in the frequency range from 150kHz to 30MHz, with a maximum temperature rise of 30°C at full load. Available in 1A, 3A, 6A and 8Amps current rating. With many years of experience, our team of engineers can offer expert advice on a range of EMC components for filtering applications. If you cannot find your specific requirements from the products listed below please contact us for further details.

Product Variants

DRF01 - DRF01 Din Rail Mounted Filter 1 Amp
DRF03 - DRF03 Din Rail Mounted Filter 3 Amps
DRF06 - DRF06 Din Rail Mounted Filter 6 Amps
DRF08 - DRF08 Din Rail Mounted Filter 8 Amps
DRF10 - DRF10 Din Rail Mounted Filter 10 Amps