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Class C - DC Power Protection

The Class C - DC power series - has been designed to meet the unique requirements of protection of DC power systems found in telepower and railway applications.

Category IEC / EN / VDE: Class II / Type 2 / C. Available with and without remote signalling contacts.

DVSC 24/48 provides both common and differential mode protection using high nominal discharge rating for extended operating life under DC conditions.

DVS - A range of DIN rail mounted voltage suppressors with 24V, 48V, 110V and 240V nominal operating voltages.

Product Variants

DVSC2440 - DVSC2440 Class C Surge Protection Device DC 24V 40KA
DVSC4840 - DVSC4840 Class C Surge Protection Device DC 48V 40KA
DVS110 - DVS110 Din Rail Voltage Suppressor 110 Volts
DVS240 - DVS240 Din Rail Voltage Suppressor 240 Volts
DVS48 - DVS48 Din Rail Voltage Suppressor 48 Volts
DVS24 - DVS24 Din Rail Voltage Suppressor 24 Volts